You act or behave and you are responsible for that act or behavior. I learned that from my parents, I believe before I attended kindergarten. Yet now there are many arguments and legal standings that people should not be held responsible for their actioins for a variety of reasons. Most of the reasons are convenience that some people would be uncomfortable if people were held accountable. Well that is a part of it, I often felt uncomfortable for having to stand up for what I have done, said or how I acted. That is the basis of law to hold accountability and a standard of behavior.

I only bring this up because: I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST COMMON SENSE! it seems like we have lost track of this.

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Artwork depicting a stegosaurus dinosaur
you rode with armor
across the land
though you had a pea shaped brain
your demise was not your making
man brags of having such a large brain
but little evidence
other than bragging
of brain use
as Nero fiddled
Rome Burned
so the saying goes
we see this now
leaders fiddle

the world implodes
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So in trying to find facts and what is the news, how to proceed? Do I go with organizations known by many: NBC, BBC, ABC, CBS, NPR ? Or go with Qanon which comes from a secret place somewhere in the world maybe Russia, China, or America that has the answers that is based on hate and control by an unknown force. Seems like an easy evaluation, to go to the dark force, because I am a white male victim that wants an assault rifle to play with.

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The month of January CEO’s in American made about 5 times the salary of the median worker who works for them for an entire year. Yes that is wage inequality and then take the CEO and multiply by 12 but not the worker.

The average CEO of an American Corporation earns about 320 times the salary of one of their employees. This at the same time that the majority of manufacturing jobs have been moved from America to China where labor is cheap. This salary average is $21.3 million dollars in 2019 according to the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington DC-based think tank. This is an increase of five times greater than 1989 while worker salaries have remained almost the same.

The largest influence in this wage gap and wage inequality is in the policies of the 1980s by the Reagan administration. The political philosophy drove deregulation, privatization of the public sector and free-market capitalism. Labor unions began to disappear for workers.

CEO’s salaries became not a part of the corporation and how it was operating but how the stock market and the investors made profits. The workers and products of corporations became a sideline of the profit system of the market. Now China is set to control the product manufacturing for the world.

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In the morning                                              Kirk  (2d6)

I meditate

in the foggy gray light

my mind is not awake

the chatter belongs to

the birds and not my mind

the light is dim

soft and moist                                            Big Sur (d17)

floating weightless

in the morning

fresh time renewed

gentle meditation.

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the least a citizen can do………

Americans are citizens of the United States. We are citizens that can elect all of our public officials except for the President. For the President we have this convoluted system left over from slavery, the Electoral College. We as Americans disbanded slavery a few years ago but retain the agencies of slavery. Isn’t it time to get rid of the electoral college and allow the citizens to elect the president by popular vote? The popular vote gives one system to elect all officials.

Simplify the system to reduce the 53 plus voting systems in America to one. All of these systems perform the same function but are all slightly different. Multiple systems provide complication and cost additional taxpayer dollars. There are levels of bureaucracy and overhead expenses and persons reviewing and auditing these systems for no real purpose. I think there are places where the money and energy could be better spent.

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How does a democracy and a country with a history of 245 years of a Republic anoint a King? For a country 245 years is not a long time, as Rome lasted as a Republic for 450 years and the influence of Rome for over 1000 years.

The Republican Party is acting as a Religious Order and is censuring their members or excommunication them from the party for expressing individual views or opinions. Both political parties are requiring members to not speak as individuals but parrots of the party platform or order members. Does this not detract from individual freedom and rights? The parties are in march step with no disorder to the dictates. This takes the power away from individuals and puts the group in one mind for a leader. This works for an army or a mob but not for a Republic.

Democracy is a fragile balance of members working together and agreeing and compromising to solve problems and progress forward. A Republic or Democracy only works if there is open discussion and problem solving and flexibility. America seems to have lost it flexibility and ability to listen and discuss any issue. America has members cemented in their position with no movement or progress in any direction. One position argues that after 64 judicial reviews there is corruption and conspiracy without proof. The logic is “I demand that reality change because I have a dream.” The reality is everyone dreams but most people wake up and wash their face and move through the reality of daylight.

A lack of control can be a challenge to be taken as it was for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. He took the challenge of equal Civil Rights, democracy and freedom to many people. He had examples, proof, reality, and fact on his side of the argument and with acts and discussion persuaded people to change their behavior.

There are scientific studies that explore behavior and the whole discussion of nature vs nurture of why humans are the way they are. One study shows that a single cell parasite, T gondii, can change the behavior of the host that it infects. This is just one example that the decisions we make and the behaviors we exhibit are not always of our own making. We are not in full control of what we call our “Own Free Will,” there are other factors that influence and alter behaviors. Most criminals have regret for their behavior after they have been caught. Is it their regret based on being in hand cuffs, or on the behaviors that led to them being in handcuffs? Often the regret is in the getting caught like when you smile while you are speeding down the highway, the regret comes when you see the flashing lights in the rear view mirror. Oh! I am sorry now!

Choices are made every moment of our lives as our lives are ever changing. Some people are more rigid and fear their lack of control. Fear is a great motivator to behavior. Carry a gun or wave a gun around and this often bring up fear in others. This is one reason why some people love guns… gives the a sense that they are in control of fear.

The magic lies in planning and foresight to be prepared for the changes and not fight what you can not win. For those without the magic there is the grasping for the KING who will guide you and give you control by them saying I am in control, so you don’t need to worry. It is an empty statement but has been a practical tool used by people who love control since humans began to form into groups. A person, whether a chief, warlord, king, bishop, savior, or hero, rises and says follow me. Many follow because it is easy and needs no insight or planning just lock step to make the army. I am OK as long as I do what I am told, and the first thing is to worship the KING. This worship includes providing the King with a lavish lifestyle, fighting for them and being submissive to their rule.

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Yes let’s ramble on, come with me but you ask are we taking a walk with out purpose or destination? Are you just talking to confuse me with no clear path or purpose?

A Ramble is a walk that has no goal or destination, more of an exploration and looking about. This is an activity that is a pleasure to observe and see what there is to see. Moving is what separates sapiens from plants, we have no roots.

Well yes and no. This is my blog and my brain at work it is old a little squeaky and dusty but lets give it a go, shall we.

I have read a bit and traveled a bit and paid attention to what is going on. I am not saying I understand what is going on. Human activity is a bit erratic and non linear.

I call this a ramble because I am paying attention to what is in front of me and I am present for. When you have big plans or a destination you miss the present because you are anticipating the destination and the future. We are talking about being here now in the present because once this moment is gone it is gone forever. So breath and feel the breath and the life it brings.

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Your Opinion is formed by what you see. But, what you see is a reflection of many things. Your eyes see, but your brain interprets those nerve signals and forms an opinion of what you see.

So your reality is always filtered by your brain and by the opinions that you hold; some of which are real and some not real. The brain’s opinions go back to chemistry, your education, your family, and how you were raised and treated. Culture, society and community all play a part in what you see.

So it seems, at least to some degree, we are each living in our own world. This may offer a perspective to understand some of the news that goes on now. Everyone is quick to judge and have opinions and often are so busy talking that they have no time to listen. Listen…and you can understand and have kindness and compassion, rather than hate and intolerance.

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Which America do you live in?

Are you being evicted and starving and maybe homeless? Or are you one of the  651 Americans that increased their wealth by more than $1tn this year? Yes this is the land of the few that can dream and the many who are homeless or the edge of homeless. And the leaders are playing golf or skiing at resorts rather than working or leading or caring. When these same leaders are working they are mostly working for corporations and the stock market who have bought and paid for them. Or they are restricting the vote of people to kill democracy.

The Stock Market is doing great while working people are suffering and without jobs. The people working are risking their lives to feed and take care of the rest of America but most are at low paying jobs and many with no benefits. If they get sick they become expendable and colloidal damage.

The pandemic has hurt many but not all Americans, the many are suffering and isolating. The few are at resorts and living their lives and making lots of money. The worker of some major corporations are given little or no pandemic precautions while the superiors are getting bonus and high pay in their offices. The old statement: THIS IS NOT FAIR! No, this is America. The economic inequalities are magnified by the pandemic, they have always been there but now the middle class is disappearing and the disproportion of rich and poor is a large contrast. And still 48% of American’s still see no reason to be a part of democracy, to vote. And the leadership is doing their best to deprive citizens the right to vote and kill democracy.

America has a revolution because of disparities between rich and poor and representation and autocracy. And now we are there again with the same issues and no voice to address them. Maybe in the New Year we will address or begin to address these fundamental issues.

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