Madison Wisconsin

Yesterday we visited the birthplace of my artist grandfather. Harry Arthur Herbert Clough, born here in 1891. His friends call him Art, how appropriate…Art the artist.

Altho we failed to uncover any facts about his history here, I was pleased to know he was born in the “Berkley” of the Midwest.


State Street is six long blocks of pedestrian, bikes, and buses only….lined with museums, shops, side walk cafes, and art galleries. The opulent state capital stands at one end…


And UW Madison at the other end…


A couple blocks over is Lake Mendota. Fitting, as Madison is surrounded by four lakes.


I had the best reuben and home made chips, not to mention Founders Dirty Bastard Ale, at The CoopersTavern, across the street from the Capital.


The local art store, The Artist and Craftsman Supply on Gorham passed my test…it stocks a full line of RF Paints 🙂 
We enjoyed the Madison MOMA (free admission, beautiful venue),


and the State Historical Museum is well worth the $4 admission.



Thank you, Grandpa Art, for giving me a reason to check out Madison!

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