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This is my favorite holiday a time to take account and give thanks. I just received a wonderful email from a friend that touched me with her world view. She is sensitive to the wonder of life and thankful for … Continue reading

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What is life? Life is dancing. Being and living. Sometimes it is a swirl. And there are times when everything comes up mermaids. Always life is a dance of change Wonder of delight coping with what is    

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Sometimes no matter how you try you are just off center. And you keep moving along. The grid guides you and keeps you in line. There are those times… With no lines and no guides You look through the window … Continue reading

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Travel is movement and change, moment by moment. Sometimes it is about the open road and the adventure. And adventure can move so fast to blur reality. Life can be hard to contain in a vessel. And life is full … Continue reading

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So bright You are In summer sun. How you shrink In autumn cool Color to brown. Sink back Into earth And leaves. Return renew Another day When sun calls.

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Everything looks different

Everything looks different this side of the border. Alien world. Life is full of the season. What seems solid is illusion. Nothing is as it seems. Looking close things change.

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You meet the nicest people when you are open. Good posture, calm demeanor.

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Trees are connected to humans. Humans need oxygen and give off CO 2 waste. Trees need  CO 2 and give off oxygen as waste. How sustainable is that? Trees made this planet habitable for humans to thrive, as if it … Continue reading

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