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Government involvement

I have been traveling in central america. Americans spend a lot of time talking about government involvement in their lives. In central america there is less talk of government interference and more concern of attracting undue attention that results in … Continue reading

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There are things that can only happen in Manitou Springs , CO. Concrete Couch empowers art and the youth of the community. Makes people smile.

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Federal minimum wage

Congress in 1991 established the federal minimum wage at $2.13 an hour. The official minimum wage is $7.25. Congress is too full of shame to stand up to the truth that they set. The people who earn $2.13 are the … Continue reading

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TEACH ME TO HOPE Daffodils sticking their heads up. So it is spring. I have watched these stoic blooms raise up in sun, in snow and in rain. They like the birds migration across the land the signs of change. … Continue reading

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