Reality is not a TV show- I am talking about what is real, Not congered by marketeers.

Humans did not have light other than the campfire. Entertainment was what they observed and personally acted upon. Imagination was rich as were dreams. As we have moved into the TV and smart phone world we look outside of ourselves TO BE entertained and not within.

The richest and most fertile ground is what is in each of us. Do we want to be a remote control that is used by other? The digital age is good and opens the world. The world wants to use us by pointing us in this channel/ direction or that for their benefit. We must first be true to ourselves and aware that they are trying to use us like a remote control. We can with awareness live in both worlds and benefit from the possibilities. Awareness is watching the sparrow and the sun and the moon and finding their, and our own joy.

20140604_ssss234 20140529_182100

Humans spend a lot of time doing and little time being. Our time is distractions not awareness. We are running on empty rather than filling our lives.

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3 Responses to REALITY

  1. NIce. Thank you, Nard.


  2. Boodyd says:

    Nice images and memories (From Monterey Bay) 

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note™, an AT&T LTE smartphone


  3. pam weeks says:

    Once again: Beauty in your images. Truth in your writing or is it Truth in your images and
    Beauty in your Writing. Whatever it is, it works it’s magic on me.


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