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Apache and many of the plains and Native Americans roamed the country following the herds. And with it came often nice weather. So this morning I pondered this with coffee. Spring, another change of season arrives, well some places faster … Continue reading

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The day was gray It was raining I should have known then That my white haired Friend Cara Had passed from This plane Into the unknown. She was 2 days past 90 years on earth It was a good life A hard struggle A journey of lessons dips and hills a daughter full of joy A son who passed before. Two husbands passed  Gave her joy and sadness From Mexico to Harvard Florida to Colorado Her path took her. She smiles on the Last day here Saying: “I will work on this.” “I will overcome these troubles.” She lived on her own In a small cottage Given up her car To walk about. I called her luv I called her Mom That white haired Friend Cara … Continue reading

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