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by Nard Claar This is a caution to not get hurt – to survive. This is a thought to keep in mind to be aware, to be, to monitor our surrounding.  I see people distracted by their devices who are … Continue reading

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The traveling bear, Paddington loved to travel. I met him at the station and we rode a train together, on a new adventure. It is always good to travel in company. Companions offer help and encouragement and joy.

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ROAD TRIP What calls in the spring and  summer that is as all american as apple pie? A road trip. We are a nation that loves the car and lives the open road. This is a quest- a transition in life. This is an adventure a call to explore the world and  our place in it. A road trip is going places but it is also coming home. When you come home  you see the place you  called home in a new light,  A new … Continue reading

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Iceland is proud of it’s independence. Iceland is a sustainable country that grows all of it’ s own food and produces all it’s own energy (electric and heat) by geo thermal sources. Iceland won independence without blood or war from … Continue reading

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You might think that the public land is your land, yes those lands you pay taxes to support. The National Forests, National Parks, National Monuments and there are the state parks and state forests. More and more you have to … Continue reading

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