What does a civilized election in a democracy look like? Canada just held national elections and start to finish the new government was in in 11 weeks. This is a country that has 18 registered political parties and about the same size country.

America is 55 weeks from elections and we are about 10 weeks into the process. We have more candidates and millions of dollars going into buying the candidates’ favors and actions. In American politics it is not called bribery or extortion, it is lobby favors. Add to this that the Lobbies or PAC’s do not have to disclose who or what their issues are… they are just unnamed money that buys the souls of those who control the government. This is maybe what takes the time in American Politics, the buying of influence and selling of souls. The job of CEO of America does not seem to take much skill or prior experience by looking at the field of candidates. The only thing it seems to take is a lot of money and talking a lot. And in fact-checking so far, you can play pretty loose with the facts.  The secret is don’t blink when you look into the camera and lie about what you are calling reality and fact. It is not distortion, it is outright lies.

Some countries are just more efficient  and spend their money with more wisdom that America does. Most countries and citizens expect a lot from their government and they get what they expect. And we do also, we do not expect much and we don’t get much. But we do spent a lot of money.

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