The new world order is not democracy, it is capitalism. 1% of the population controls more than 50% of the wealth and resources of the world. They buy and sell  politicians, people and commodities at will. Governments and laws do not relate to this 1% as they control the governments and laws by groups like Citizens United. A shadow PAC that funds the “yes” men who do their bidding. When America told you that Wall Street and the Banks were too big to fail, they meant to say they owned the government and wanted money.

Democracy is about transparency and open discussion and cooperation and compromise. No one gets their way but no one is left out. Now we are mostly left out, out of the process, out of the decisions, out of luck.

Inequality is becoming the norm in America as segregation and class structure is becoming more rigid across the country. There are so many people they are an unlimited commodity that is expendable. Los Angles is now the second largest Mexican speaking city and nationality in the continent. The world is changing fast. The 1% will own 75% of the world’s wealth in the next 10 years. Where does that leave you?

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