“Brilliant” Project – Day 3

I admit to being spoiled. My Colorado studio most often has 4 palettes of paint pots, all going at same time.

So, not exactly a “limited” palette, but for the “Brilliant” project, I did purposefully select the same colors used for much of my work during the Ireland residency….and restricted myself to 2 palettes.20160516_124003.jpgThe colors and design of this small 8 x 8 “one-of,” painted in the Ireland studio all in one go, while chatting art and painting away the evening with our hostess, Olive Stack, shortly before our return to America, feels like a direction I’m interested in pursuing. I’ll keep it in view as I begin work on “Brilliant.”20160320_062416-1.jpgThe gessoed panels are dry! Next step, sanding each panel with fine grit to facilitate smooth application of the paint.20160512_125305.jpgI make marks on the surface with oil pastels. Both to connect panel to panel as well as to leap past the “first date” jitters.
image Bucking at the bit to put on some color, I break routine and apply a few shapes of cad yellow even before my usual underlying layers of medium. This impulsive move turns out to be a “brilliant” idea, as when I have to break up the panel arrangement by moving a few panels at a time over to the much smaller medium table, the oil pastel lines, and especially the yellow shapes, serve as guides to re-aligning the 11 pieces of the painting puzzle!
It takes the rest of my studio day to apply six layers of medium to each panel, fusing between each layer.
imageTomorrow, at last, I get to paint!

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1 Response to “Brilliant” Project – Day 3

  1. Elayne Vogel says:

    I’m loving this project! You are incredibly generous to share it with all your fans!

    Liked by 1 person

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