“Brilliant” Project – Day 5


Still no color….indigo blue pigment stick glazing.

I promised myself this would be a long-term relationship.  But I admit, this week, I gave thought to breaking up.  The painting, that is. Thoughts of dividing the painting into several. Patience worn thin with “going slow” and building up.  I want COLOR!

Here is the culprit that turned my eye away from “Brilliant.” Here is the panel I cheated on “Brilliant” with:


“Breaking Surface I,” encaustic and pigment stick, 12 x 16.

It started with a poem by Mark Nepo titled “Breaking Surface.”  I have been playing with the word “Surfacing,” for some time, but was still searching for the right phrasing. Really, searching a lot for what is next with my work. Have been on an encaustic plateau…jump off, or fly? But when I saw that title, I knew with the deepest “aha” that this was the phrase I was searching for to describe both the process of digging back into the wax layers, as well as a psychological state of being, that I want my new work to express.

And then there was a dream. I saw myself applying bright pink fingernail polish (gag).  But the important point was the paint flowing on in a state of perfection.  I woke with my total being craving nothing else but to apply paint. Done with stenciling, oil sticking, going slow.

I stacked the eleven “Brilliant” panels aside. I pulled out a freshly gessoed 12 x 16 panel, and…… sacrilege… didn’t even start with layers of medium! Went directly to applying paint on panel with great abandon and joy, no thinking, pure intuition. No pictures of the process to share with you, I couldn’t stop. It was a break-through synthesis of techniques I “discovered” in Ireland, combined with a new, thin layering of paint and scraping (also sacrilege for me…my work is known for complexity achieved with thick layers and carved shapes).  Another blog, I’ll detail this new process, as I feel strongly, this will be my next series.

Cruising on the elation of my breakthrough with “Breaking Surface,” I did rally and returned to “Brilliant,” keeping my promise of commitment to the project.   Finished the pigment sticking of the rest of the panels and the next layers of medium….knowing that I’ll likely bury all of it.  Take a look and say good-bye to these early surfacing layers:


“Brilliant,” Day 5.

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1 Response to “Brilliant” Project – Day 5

  1. Elayne Vogel says:

    I love your willingness to share so much of you you are, great depth and beauty. Love you.

    Liked by 1 person

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