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“Brilliant” Project – Day 8

After applying india ink calligraphy  with fun abandon, it’s time to get the panels off the table and onto the wall…time for some critical evaluation. Standing back from the 11 panels,  90″ tall. ..I’m pleasantly surprised how much closer the … Continue reading

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“Brilliant” Project – Day 7

  All eleven panels are now scraped and carved! Still a ways to go to achieve  integration, and pretty sure will add darks yet, but loving the depth and mystery the painting is achieving. Sample close ups:   And a … Continue reading

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“Brilliant” Project – Day 6

“One thing I sought, another answered me.”  Dante, Paradise – Canto XXXI Last night we attended the opening of the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center’s amazing summer exhibition, “99 Days To Be Amazed.” Includes contemporary painter Stephen Batura (Denver…how did … Continue reading

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