Public Land and National Monuments


America has a lot of public land set aside for wilderness, for recreation, for beauty, for animals. This is a uniquely American Idea to set aside a peace of beauty and if one believes in God Creating the World. Then  this setting aside is a monument to God’s Creation. Now we see the American Idea of preservation and monuments is not permanent. When a mining company says they would love to make money if only they had a national monument to destroy. And the powers that be said National Monument be damned there is money and profits to be made here. So Bears Ears and Escalante Grand Staircase National Monuments are going to transforms into an open pit mine to profit a few. Well maybe more than a few as some fine government officials had to grease the corruption lines and that only happens under the table exchanges. So there were profits to be made there also. It is an opaque government we have full of secrets, but secrets get out. This is the land that belongs to America and it’s citizens, taken from us.

Where does that leave me. I spend a lot of time painting, taking pictures, walking, biking, and camping on public land. When it is all fenced and belongs to corporations and individual Estates my life will change. And where does that leave the children and grandchildren. Oh they have overlords who keep them in line and working, working, working. Idle hands make no profits and therefore the work of the Devil.

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  1. Pam Weeks says:

    AMEN brother Nard. Pam

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