Road Kill-Day 4 of the Ride or Die Tour….

Greetings from Texas!

Yes, it’s been a long while between posts. There have been trips, art shows, workshops and the flu….but this is our most ambitious bike tour and so it’s worth some dedicated sharing. I’ve found a new app that does more than this WordPress can do in regard to showing you our route. It’s also a really easy way for me to journal daily, so please explore the link below (then click on the map waypoints, and be sure to click on the cover thumbnail image for each waypoint to see additional images) request to follow, (it’s a private link) I’ll accept your request, and you can ride along with Nard and me to St Augustine, Florida!

Apparently Colorado cleans up road kill from their highways. In Texas that is left for the vultures and coyote. We pass dead cats, deer, possum, and a LOT of skunks. And an occasional armadillo.

Follow our ride at

Would love to hear your comments!

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