Bicycle Riding on the Southern Tier Route

Pedal, pedal, pedal. Back roads with low traffic. Fields of grass. Hillsides of trees. Big thicket goes for miles. Miles of hills rolling to call it the hill country. A bicycle always makes me smile. Move slow to see and think. Enjoy the moment.

Texas has more rain than usual, 5 days of rain, flood warning. The creeks are overflowing. The fields are lakes. I am there to see it. The fog has been thick, mostly in the mornings. I am glad I have front and rear blinkers. I am happy that I wear bright clothes, as the trucks run fast here. And there is a car now and again.

Tomorrow I will ride along and pedal many circles. I will think about things and laugh and at the end of the day, I will be stiff. I will smile and look at the maps of what the future will bring. The maps will tell me a bit. The moment will be there for me.

About Nick

I am a traveler and observer who enjoys people.
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