South Eastern Texas

Riding Adventure Cycling Associations Southern Tier Route. Kirbyville United Methodist Church offers lodging, camping for bicyclists. Jim Strickland is your host.

On down the road, You run into Mechanical problems you cannot fix. Having a cell phone you call the nearest bike shop….60 miles away in Beaumont, Texas. You talk to the mechanic, Shelby at Bicycle Sports. We determine the problem but how to get the bike 60 miles down the road that is broken. Shelby has a friend Jim Bob driving a red Dodge diesel dually pickup truck who comes to the rescue.

Jim Bob get us to Kirbyville. Eric Bender the owner of Bicycle Sports in Beaumont drives up in his pick up truck and takes us to the bike shop. 3 hours later the bicycle is roadworthy again repairs are made thanks to the attention of Eric, Shelby, and Dayna.

All 3 talk of the joy of being out touring on a bicycle and that’s what bicycling is about and are hard pressed to charge what all their efforts and all that work is worth.

And then, to get back on route, host Jim in Kirbyville, and his friend with a truck, Bob, drive the 60 miles down to Beaumont to pick us and our bikes up and drive back the 60 miles.

Traveling you meet the finest people who are kind, helpful and give so much hope for the future. The world is not the news headlines. The world is people caring and sharing. I am full of gratitude.

About Nard

I am a traveler and observer who enjoys people.
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1 Response to South Eastern Texas

  1. Sherry says:

    You two are amazing and so engaged in you journey and flexible. Always some good folks out there on the road.πŸ˜ŽπŸ·πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ


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