A journey is a start and an end. The travel may be across the country or around a table or through a mind.

A birth is a start of a journey, a death an end.

Humans want to control everything, yet control little. What matters is relationships and how we affect and influence others.

This journey, I have been blessed with adventure, and many people who offered and expressed kindness.

People mostly want the same thing, some comfort and love. A good meal and a little respect.

I have joy and gratitude to all who helped make this part of my journey joyful.

About Nard

I am a traveler and observer who enjoys people.
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2 Responses to Journey

  1. Elayne Vogel says:

    What a beautiful post! So happy that you both had such an amazing journey… Love to you both, Elayne


  2. pamela weeks says:

    So enjoy your travel/gratitude writing!
    Ride on friend!


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