America: An Experiment in a Republic

The Republic is based on a balance of power between 3 branches of government. The founding fathers were very leery of monarchy. America had fought a war against a monarch and was seeking citizen rule. Executive branch includes the President; Legislative, which includes the Congress and the Senate; and Judicial, which are the courts. The Constitution holds that one branch can not withhold or have power over another branch.

We celebrate July 4, 1776 as the founding of the Republic. This lasted until January of 2020 when many in the Legislative Branch colluded and formed a Monarchy with the Executive Branch. The Legislative Branch has been colluding for years to disrupt the Judicial Branch and make it an arm of the Executive Branch in violation of the Constitution.

For these reasons there is nothing to celebrate in the demise of the Republic except of life that lived far longer than many thought it could. The Republic is now just a tool of Capitalism in it’s worst form of greed and money manipulation, or Oligarchy. 150 families in America control 90% of the wealth and resources of the Republic and so a citizen’s voice has long been a whisper in the wilderness.

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2 Responses to America: An Experiment in a Republic

  1. says:


    I have never been truly worried that the Republic would not survive Trump. Never really occured to me that the Republic itself would not survive until January this year. Feel like I have outlived my generation!

    Do you still have the Casita? We were supposed to be back at Skidaway right now, but Jeanne was clearing the tidal creek that runs around our home like a horse shoe. Tripped on a cypress knee and fell on a cluster of knees, breaking five ribs and puncturing a lung. Thoracic surgeon thought three weeks in a camper was an bad idea right now! Told him we had to get her ready for dogsledding in Lapland in May. His response, “your kidding” Hers, “No!”. Life goes on.

    Jeanne & Gil


    • Nard says:

      hi Jeanne and Gil….Sheary here, thanks so much for your comment. Sorry for the delay in approving and replying. We sold the Casita just a few months ago as well as the truck, and have replaced with a camper van. We just returned a week ago from 2 weeks in the desert road trip. Just in time to self quarantine. Love and healing thoughts to you both. I’m guessing the good news is that Jeanne’s accident happened pre-Covid 19. Thanks again for touching base. Nard has just decided to re-invigorate our blog, so there should be more posts coming up with some regularity.


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