The World is a comedy to those who think. A tragedy to Those who feel.

-Horace Walpole

So I have been off the grid or at least not on this blog. BUT I AM BACK! Maybe even on a regular basis.

All things change like it or not. Now there is a virus traveling around the world. Be careful and use all precautions for your own health and the health of others. This is a serious business so be mindful and cautious. This virus in new but the idea of a world wide virus such as this has been predicted for at least 5 years by the World Health Organization, WHO. Why no government or agency was prepared is a mystery. Well maybe it is if you trust science as a purveyor of truth or a myth system as truth might explain not being prepared. Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton have had pandemic plans in writing for how to proceed for such an emergency.

In my own life, I know my vehicle will always get me where I want to go ’cause my dealer and the owner’s manual told me so. There is no reason to listen to reason to put gas and air in the vehicle or change the oil those are what science says to do and I do not believe in that so it is of no consequence to me. I believe in the good book, the Owner’s Manual and what my Dealer told me to get me to buy in.

So the plan is that I will talk about a variety of things in this blog. I will stick to the title that I am untethered and have my creative process, my art. This relates to what I create and how I live my life. We are all artists of our own lives and can create beauty or mayhem as it is our choice.

This blog will continue with it’s tradition of being a bit sarcastic and tongue in cheek in some of its comments and if it offends you, I am sorry but I hope you will find humor in my observations and travels in life. I will ramble about as that is my way and I am getting younger so it is harder to keep a focus. So… where are my glasses so I can see?

About Nard

I am a traveler and observer who enjoys people.
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    Thanks Nard!

    Jeanne & Gil Frey (Casita owners)


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