MASKS and Human Cost

Will I wear a mask to save a person’s life or is it just inconvenient to me?

I can buy a mask with my favorite football team, a thousand designs or Republican or Democrat symbols. But Doctors and medical workers can not get a mask to save lives. How do the priorities of America work? Is this a great nation or a bunch of small villages with no leadership to organize or lead? And state and the federal government are competing and bidding against each other to buy masks. This is pure capitalism where the corporations are making fortunes on this pandemic.

Fortunes are made in pandemics and in wars at the cost of human life.

We have a leader who says that insurrection is lead by good people and I support them. Should not the leader of the country support the government and not the terrorist rebels standing with an armed coup of the government. The coup was not successful but I wonder if the White men with all the bullet proof vest, military arms and weapons would have been met differently if they were black or brown rather than white. Being white they were treated with kid gloves because they are acceptable terrorists.

About Nard

I am a traveler and observer who enjoys people.
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