My mask protects you: Your mask protects me. What is so hard about that? And why do so many people say their freedom is at stake if they have to wear a mask. This seems to be an America point of view.

I want the freedom to breath on others. I want the freedom to fowl other people’s air so they can not breath. I want to have freedom to carry a gun to intimidate others. I want to use my phone and text while I drive. My freedom is about my selfish view of life and I do not want to take my impact on others into consideration. I want to have my freedom and not be responsible for my actions. This form of logic worked when we had a frontier beyond the 13 colonies and there was lots of wild space. That is gone except in the minds of a few.

There are more than 7.5 billion humans on the planet now. The world is getting crowded, lines are getting longer. Humans are breeding so fast we are running out of the ability to feed the humans on the planet. The viruses are spreading because we are now so close to each other. We by our very presence and breath affect others around us. In 20 years we have gained 1.5 billion humans on the planet. We are breeding at an astonishing rate. In 1820 there were 1 billion humans on the planet, in 1920 there were 1.8 billion humans on the planet. We are destroying other forms of life on the planet at an alarming rate.

The virus that causes the disease Corvid 19 is a part of Global Climate Change. We are changing the planet. We are interacting with the wild world and in fact there is little wild world left. We are killing all other living creatures on the planet by eating them and destroying their habitat. We know that the people who are dying of Corvid 19 have health problems often caused by pollution and the pollution is helping to kill them. So America is easing all pollution standards to allow more people to die. Politicians are openly stating that making profits and keeping the economy is more important than human life. What happened to RESPECT LIFE. We have turned to worshiping CORPORATIONS and MONEY. Human Life is only important as a worker and a consumer, to keep the money and corporations going as a capitalist system.

About Nard

I am a traveler and observer who enjoys people.
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