Humans want to control their lives and their future. Humans want to be in the driver seat and the American Ideal is to be that rugged individual that controls and tames everything around them. The whole idea of the frontier, never mind that people were living on the land and had been for hundreds of years. The WHITE PERSON came and tamed the wilderness, which happened to include genociding the native population that were living on the land. Well, how else can you tame the wilderness if there are people and animals there, so you kill them.

Down through history the person who could foretell the future was an asset to control events. Slaves were looked down upon because they do not control anything. Rich people are looked up to because they control everything. Capitalism is based upon greed, taking things from others, and being top dog. That is the whole game. Capitalism does not share or compromise.

Covid 19 is a virus that controls humans and kills humans. What a lack of control. Like any pandemic, it kills without judgement and mercy. Like the wildfires that racked California and Australia, the fires came, made their own weather. and were relentless in their destruction and actions. Much like humans invading a frontier.

In part many of these issues like Global Climate Change are all interconnected and focused and magnified by the human interference and massive population now at 7.8 Billion people. Humans are destroying the ecosystems and other life forms at an astonishing rate. Someday soon only humans and the virus and germs that prey on humans will survive on this planet.

About Nard

I am a traveler and observer who enjoys people.
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  1. pamela weeks says:


    “You nailed it” in your truth speaking, to the point.

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