About Nard and Sheary

About Nard:  http://nardclaar.com/about-the-artist/

About Sheary: http://backdoordesigns.com/about/bio/

9 Responses to About Nard and Sheary

  1. Michael Herauf says:

    What a wonderful adventure you two have begun!
    Jan and I will be vicariously following your travels, contemplating your musings, and enjoying your photos.
    Have a great journey!
    Michael and Jan


  2. I am so excited to be following this blog and and vicariously traveling with you.


  3. Tina Gurule says:

    This is a lot better then the days of old when you use to take off on your own and I had to wonder if you were still alive or half eaten in the wilderness by hugry wild animals. I never knew if I should send a search party out looking for you.
    I now look forward to being able to follow your adventures and knowing you are in capable hands (thank you Sheary). Love the new home on wheels 🙂

    Tina Gurule


  4. Frank Davey says:

    O.K. I always thought you were a great guy but I now know I do not know a thing about you.
    We have in common that we are both unemployed artists.
    The main difference my life has reached the level of ultimate boring while yours is true independence and adventure. Tip of the hat. Look forward to hearing more. Frank
    P.S. I do spend a lot of time with my grand kids. Patrick, my oldest grandson, loves a web site called everybody edits. He designs his own games and has reached a level that dazzles me including adding music from a computer key board and being able to create all kinds of challenges that leave me baffled. He is a designer but not in the sense we understand it. Well, the modern world. Stay in touch


  5. Jeffrey Ross says:

    Suiter!! So very cool . I don’t know what happened but I added my email and clicked “follow” again.. i hope it “takes” this time. Thanks for sending me the link..So yeah I am not single anymore as I told you and now am telling the world …or at least the followers of your blog here.. The Universe is aware so…!
    You guy sound so happy and what a great adventure… I will be following you and send all my love and enthusiasm, and encouragement. be well and live the truth of your love… heavy power that love is..ain’t it tho 🙂


  6. Kent & Cynthia Wilson says:

    We are enjoying keeping up with your travels. There are definately many great things about the southern U.S. especially in the winter. Have a great time. Remember to keep us in mind when you get close to north Georgia.


  7. Reveille says:

    This is so exciting! Good luck, happy trails, and we will see you when you safely arrie home in your little whale of a trailer.


  8. Jacqueline says:

    Your travels are fun-filled joyful excitement, in my book! Love reading about your adventures….some of which covered my home town, New Orleans. There are a lot of things I miss about the south, but the misquitoes are not one of them :-). I’m glad you’re still finding lots of friendly people in your encounters….THAT I do miss! Happy trails!
    Hugs and Happiness,


  9. dale boody says:

    Happy Birthday, Nard- I was unable to congratulate you for getting a year older on your “big day” because I was in Seattle at the Bike Expo and to meet Willie. We anticipate your beautiful photos and quick wit comments every time a new e-mail arrives.

    Dale Boody


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