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I am a traveler and observer who enjoys people.


Humans want to control their lives and their future. Humans want to be in the driver seat and the American Ideal is to be that rugged individual that controls and tames everything around them. The whole idea of the frontier, … Continue reading

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My mask protects you: Your mask protects me. What is so hard about that? And why do so many people say their freedom is at stake if they have to wear a mask. This seems to be an America point … Continue reading

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MASKS and Human Cost

Will I wear a mask to save a person’s life or is it just inconvenient to me? I can buy a mask with my favorite football team, a thousand designs or Republican or Democrat symbols. But Doctors and medical workers … Continue reading

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The world is weird. Well yes it is, not since 1918 have we seen a virus hunt for humans at such a level. We have always known that virus are out there lurking on the edges, but now it is … Continue reading

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The World is a comedy to those who think. A tragedy to Those who feel. -Horace Walpole So I have been off the grid or at least not on this blog. BUT I AM BACK! Maybe even on a regular … Continue reading

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America: An Experiment in a Republic

The Republic is based on a balance of power between 3 branches of government. The founding fathers were very leery of monarchy. America had fought a war against a monarch and was seeking citizen rule. Executive branch includes the President; … Continue reading

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A journey is a start and an end. The travel may be across the country or around a table or through a mind. A birth is a start of a journey, a death an end. Humans want to control everything, … Continue reading

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