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The world is weird. Well yes it is, not since 1918 have we seen a virus hunt for humans at such a level. We have always known that virus are out there lurking on the edges, but now it is … Continue reading

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The World is a comedy to those who think. A tragedy to Those who feel. -Horace Walpole So I have been off the grid or at least not on this blog. BUT I AM BACK! Maybe even on a regular … Continue reading

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America: An Experiment in a Republic

The Republic is based on a balance of power between 3 branches of government. The founding fathers were very leery of monarchy. America had fought a war against a monarch and was seeking citizen rule. Executive branch includes the President; … Continue reading

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Public Land and National Monuments

  America has a lot of public land set aside for wilderness, for recreation, for beauty, for animals. This is a uniquely American Idea to set aside a peace of beauty and if one believes in God Creating the World. … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Netherlands

A charming city which we visited in August and September of 2017. This is a city of about 1.5 million in the urban area, but it is quiet and peaceful. People are not in a rush, people take time and … Continue reading

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San Antonio Texas

The first mission along the San Antonio River was constructed by a Franciscan missionary and began in 1690.  This was the first of 5 missions along the river. The purpose was to convert the savage barbarians to the Catholic Faith … Continue reading

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Bicycle Riding in the City

San Antonio is so nice to go bike riding along the bicycle paths and see so much beauty and no trash. My town, Colorado Springs, has lots of trash and homeless camps everywhere. San Antonio was such a delight. Eat … Continue reading

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