ROMA was incorporated in 1765 after the church and school were built. Riverboats used to come here to unload at the wharf. Navigation stopped after the water level dropped 7 feet during to irrigation calls. It has fallen from a trade hub. There were 3 overland trade trails that converged at Roma.

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The land is hot and hard. There are thorns everywhere.

There is also great mountain biking.

This is dark and open country, West Texas. Pickups are dusty and muddy here. This is truck xountry, pickups and 18 wheelers.

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at first light 

it is dark out 

headlight to see 

reward for crawling out 

of the bag 

is hot coffee 

Roar of the boil

heat of the flame 

light to the east

grows stronger

coffee smells

so good

first sip 


and now the show 

the Faint band

grows eliminates 

warms in hue

may be warmth

dark blues 

smokey greens

pale yellow

Tones of reds

the clouds light

Sky to pale blue

marigold ball 


from dark edge

the land 

gets first touch 

contrast sharp

shadows long 

and deep

coffee steams

so good

night grows 

to day

clouds turn white

air warms

all of this

singing up

by the birds 


together we 

take a moment 

of joy 

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Used to be one of the many border crossing in the area of west Texas. Some great mountain bike trails, watch for thorns.

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A great park of 800,000 acres on the Chihuahuan Desert. A gift from Texas to the United States and the children and future. 1700 species of plant and animal life. Tejano history goes back before 1780 in the area.people have lived here for 10,00 years, farming since 1200.

57  species of cactus under the big Sky and elevation from 2200 to 7832 feet. Three canyons the Rio Grande River carves in this harsh landscape. One only hears the birds and the wind and morning and dusk singing of coyotes. Most time there is silence, deep silence.

A night sky so dark with bright jewels of stars shine. The air is tainted here from industry far off and coal fired power plants that reduce visibility and turn the air to acid. Much like our cities but the air is studied here.

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Quicksilver made the town when Cinnabar was found. A white guy hired a bunch of Mexicans and they made him rich. Segregration was enfourced and in rhe end the Mexicans were sent back to Mexico. 

Dreams come and go as do riches. The border was once porous and people traveled back and forth, not anymore.

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White Sands National Monument

Southern New Mexico, northern end of Chihuaguan Desert, gypsum sand. 

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